World cancer day 2023

World Cancer Day 2023 – Using AI to close the cancer care gap

Closing the cancer care gap is perhaps one of the most significant healthcare challenges of our time, and that’s why it was the theme of World Cancer Day last year, is the theme this year, and will still be the theme in 2024.

The unfortunate truth is that the current oncology workforce cannot solve this problem alone. There’s a growing global healthcare worker shortage that necessitates the leveraging of modern technologies to support traditional models of care in order to better address the cancer care gap and reduce health disparities.

I’ve seen firsthand what a shortage of resources can do to a cancer patient and how it can lower their chances of survival. That’s why I founded Hurone AI, and that’s why my team and I are passionate about innovating to advance health equity. Because everyone deserves the best possible cancer care, regardless of their ethnicity or geographical location. I’m committed to doing my part and I hope that you will do yours too.

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